Thursday, February 12, 2009


Addiction - it is a horrible thing and usually not something to laugh at but let's try anyway - at Bennett's expense!

Like most toddlers (correct me if I'm wrong) Bennett has developed a few "addictions". It's amazing how when kids really like something, that's all they want - again and again - day after day.

Bennett has become addicted to Minigo yogurts. He has always liked yogurt but now that I've taught him a sign for yogurt he asks for it constantly. It's all he wants for breakfast and I'm really lucky if I can get some other food into him before he asks for it at other meal times.

Another addiction is ketchup - he loves it. In fact I'm surprised he doesn't ask to have it squirted on his yogurt! Shhhh...please don't mention it to him. That's a combination that I just could not stomach! Some of the stranger things that he has had ketchup on include spaghetti, macaroni salad and bread.

While Jim and I were on vacation we stopped one day and watched some kids singing and dancing to a catchy little tune that I had never heard before. Jim and I ended up singing it all week so when I got home I thought it would be fun to look it up and show it to Bennett. Big mistake on my part as I can no longer sit at my computer without him demanding to watch the video - again and again and again...

So those are some of Bennett's "addictions". What about your kids - what are they crazy about and does it drive you crazy? Please tell me I'm not alone. I guess I should just be happy that it's not tequila and cigars...

Oh...and just for your viewing pleasure, since I have the link bookmarked, here is the music video. Watch at your own risk....


Kiera Beth said...

ICEE!! ICEE!!! ICEE Please!

Don't worry, you are not alone on the addiction. Little Dude could eat Icee's all night if we would let him. He stands by the freezer waiting for us to open it and give him an icee.

I am so glad to hear that we are not alone :)

Kara said...

Kasia's addiction is likely the weirdest you'll ever hear.... SOUP!

When asked what she would like for breakfast, lunch or dinner the answer is inevitably "Soup!" And any kind will do.

Amanda said...

Leah is addicted to yogurt too! She LOVES it! She just learned how to feed it to herself, which it so funny to watch! After every bite she says "mmmmm".

She also loves ketchup. She doesn't quite understand that you have to dip something in it and not eat it off of your finger yet! But she sure does love it!

Popcorn House said...

What a cutie he is! I love his great two handed use in the picture. WAY TO GO BUDDY!

And hanging my head in shame admitting this, Sammy is addicted to "boobies" constantly wanting to nurse. I wanted to make a post on this, but I am too worried I would get my family chimming in on the subject, which would not be pretty. I WANT TO WEAN him everywhere we go he says "Boobies" as he pants like a puppy trying to lift up my shirt, it is getting OLD! I wish he was addicted to yogurt. He is addicted to paci too. We leave paci in his crib now, but I hear him saying "PACI where are you?" at random intervals throughout the day.

Dawn said...

Cute post!! Love those lady bugs on the video but yeah that would get tiresome to watch.

You are right on with the addictions, but I never thought of them that way. Thomas the train, and pop tarts seem to be the latest craze for Austin. Tommy it's Kim Possible and Pizza Rolls. Me...sleeping.

Anonymous said...

For your parenting pleasure - addiction = leverage. Whatever Bennett wants (addiction) he must do thus (whatever Mommy wants) first. Not to be abused, of course. I'm not worried.

For your parenting pain - leverage changes suddenly and without warning. Leverage usually becomes more expensive, too. I'm not worried.

You will balance the pleasure with the pain.

Yogurt is a good thing. Ketchup doesn't hurt (much). And "pia-pia-piano"
is both.

Loving the photo of Bennett,
(other) Barbara

Ellen said...

Hey, in the scheme of addictions, yogurt is a darn good one.

Max is also a big fan of ketchup! And chocolate pudding. And avocado (which I'm psyched about, it's such a healthy fat). He is also addicted to wearing his Halloween Thomas the Tank costume—from THREE years ago!

Kiera Beth said...

I now have to add "Pia-pia-piano" to the lists of Little Dude's addictions. You were right that it was at our own risk.

He loves it and every time we watch it, I hear "again" at the end :)

It is a cute video!

Barbara said...

Kiera: It is a catchy little tune. I find myself singing it way too often! I'm glad I'm not alone...

Kara: Yep - soup is pretty weird but then again not a bad addiction if you have to have one! Is there any particular kind she likes the most?

Amanda: That funny how Leah says mmm after every bite of yogurt. Bennett used to do the same thing - it's so cute and funny!

Suzanne: I laughed when I read your comment. I'm sure you don't think Sammy's addiction to boobies is too funny at times but it sure made me smile. Bennett is pretty addicted to his paci too.

Dawn: I'm sure you need the sleep right now - in a couple months you won't be getting much!

Barbara: You're right about the leverage - believe me I've already been trying to figure out how to use it to my advantage. I think it will be more effective as he gets a bit older.

Ellen: Max's addiction to avocado is great. Does he like it prepared in any particular way? The Halloween costume thing made me laugh. I have a friend who's daughter insisted on wearing her bathing suit year round!

Kara said...

The soup she likes the most? Homemade chicken broth with soda crackers & parmesan cheese and cream of asparagus seem to be the favs.

I also forgot to mention her biggest addiction of all lately. Piggy back rides!! She even tried to jump on her speech therapist's back at school last week while shouting "piggy"!

momtoablessing said...

Audrianna is addicted to anything that can be used as dip. Ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce u name it and she will mostly lick it off her fingers, Shes very addicted to her paci which we have tried everything to wean her off it. Shes addicted to the spongebob theme song.