Friday, August 29, 2008

Simply the Best

Better than all the rest! That's right folks - we are the champions. The proud winners of the "Largest Zucchini" category at the annual Massey Agricultural Fair. I knew it was a good sign when we brought it in and everyone said "WOW". She weighs 18 lbs (sorry Gaetanne - I made an error in my original weighing), and is 33 inches long and 22 inches around at her base.

I believe I have even turned a profit. It cost $3 to join the agricultural society, $2 for a white paper plate (I had to buy a whole package). The first prize was $7 - so by my calculations (thanks to my highly advanced math skills), I actually made $2. I think I'm on to something.

Now, my only problem is trying to figure out what to do with this beautiful monster.

Any recipe suggestions?


North Dakota Ward's said...

WOW!!! That is amazing.

Anonymous said...

We were the proud receivers of many a large zucchini when we lived in Oregon. We grated them in a Cuisinart and froze it in ziplock bags. I used to put grated zucchini in every soup and tomato sauce. It just cooked away adding nutrients, both water and some thickening. Sorry I don't have a specific recipe to send, but one for a zucchini bread should be easy to find. I also think you make it into a "zucchini parmesan", er, bread, fry, cook over pasta with tomato sauce and cheese on top. Congrats!

Kara said...

That is one big zucchini! It brings back memories of my childhood when my parents used to grow them in their garden. And of how my mother used to try and try in vain to pass off her famous chocolate zucchini cake as the real thing so we would eat it. I hated all things zucchini back then, but now I love em! My current favourite: zucchini and tomatoes layered with cheddar cheese, herbs & spices, topped with breadcrumbs and baked until golden. Mmmmm. Did I mention I grew tomatoes for the first time this year? Maybe I should get some giant growing tips from you!

Barbara said...

therextras - good idea about the grating and freezing. I think I'll need a full day to grate that baby!

Kara - I'm surprised that I even bother to plant zucchini. Like you, my mother tried to pass off zucchini cakes, cookies, jam, etc. The main reason why I planted it was because I was convinced that I would be such a horrible gardner, that nothing would grow. However, I was sure to get at least one zucchini. That was a few years ago - and look where I am now. Reigning zucchini queen of the Massey Fair. Dreams do come true! :)

Bonnie said...

congrats on the zucchini - I had heard the receipe for adding it to spaghetti sauce - helps to recude the acid they tell me. Enjoy.
Auntie Bonnie