Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happening Now

Time for a Bennett update.

Crawling: He’s still bunny hopping. Every once in a while we try to correct him but it’s almost impossible. He’s fast. As part of his physio we are supposed to try and get him crawling over obstacles (or stairs). Unfortunately, everyone Bennett knows lives in a bungalow so he has no place to learn stairs. As you see in the video below, we have improvised. He’s doing really well and is turning into a great little climber. Coming down is a bit difficult. He prefers to go head first but we try to make him go backwards. I can’t say I blame him. I like to see where I’m going too. Warning: You might want to turn down your speakers – Bowser barks through much of the first video.

Walking: He continues to make slow and steady progress in his walker. He is taking bigger and better steps but still needs someone to steady him. The AFO should help a lot. Unfortunately that’s still at least 2 months away

Pulling Up: He pulls up to his knees everywhere with no problems. He also has been pulling to stand a lot more. The other day we came home and put him down beside one of his toys on the living room floor. I continued on to the kitchen and when I turned around he was standing up playing with his toy. It was amazing. For some reason he pulls to stand easily as long as doesn’t stop to think about it first. However, when we try to practice he protests. Funny Kid.

Talking: This deserves its own post so I’ll try to update soon.

Funny Story: Bennett is going through a phase where he likes to bring me things. This could include anything from toys, pieces of grass, to tiny pieces of dirt he finds on the floor. It’s quite cute and is always rewarded with a big Thank You. The other night I was sitting in my chair enjoying Olympic coverage when all of a sudden a tiny but chubby hand reached up and around the corner of my chair. It was clutching a toy pig. I saw nothing else – so I took the pig and handed out what was probably my 30th thank you of the day. Bennett then took off and continued playing with his toys. It was cute but then I started thinking that maybe he was trying to tell me something with the pig. After all, I was sitting there in a comfy reclining chair, stuffing my face with junk food and watching TV. And then a thought occurred to me that filled my heart with pride - perhaps my son was turning into a smart ass just like me!

Climber Guy

Cool Guy (with a soother)

Tired Guy


Mummu and Poppa said...

Bennett, you will always be known for the 'bunny hop' - not the dance but the 'crawl'.

When Poppa carries you down the hall you stop to touch all the pictures and say ; 'few words' to each of them. You know what is going on and who is who.

You love to walk in the grass to Freddie (lawn ornament) and talk to him. Very touching!

What more does a guy need then to push the right buttons on the stereo - FM and CD. You are a very good singer and you can certainly do the 'knee bounce' for dancing to the music. Conducting is another of your favourites. We do have fun!

Words are spoken - but ever so softly! Right now your actions speak louder than anything you might say! You are just so full of love - lots of hugs and kisses. Sign language is coming along (food, milk, drink) and we know that when you are hungry, thirsty or tired - you give us the message - loud and clear!

Great videos!

Good job everyone!

Bennett, you are making such progress - and you look so grown up with your 'sunglasses and soother' - oh, to be so cool!

After so much 'hard work' it is only natural that you would want to rest.

We bet that you'd probably do anything for Sara.

We will see you and Bowser tomorrow and we understand that you will be getting a haircut (again!).

Enjoy your physio and love to all.

God Bless!
Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

Smart, yes! A** - not! Either of you!

Just my opinion....

Kara said...

Bennett is doing great! And if I remember correctly, he was only starting to do his bunny hop when we first met. Look how far he's come since then! Taking steps, climbing (I hear you on the bungalow/no stairs for practice complaint) and getting around pretty darn well in general.

And besides all that, he's super cute, a real charmer and we can only hope he grows up to have your sense of humour!

Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness - I am sooo proud of you all. Bennett - you are doing a great job, and certainly do look "cool" in those sunglasses. But listen dude, you are going to have get a better fitting pair of sunglasses. Those look very much like mom's??

I was surprised to hear that mummu noticed your fine vocal skills in the singing department (no reflection on mummus' voice!) - but then again, your dad (Jim) used to ask me (Auntie Bonnie) to not sing when we went to Church - and me with a vocal degree. I hope you sing your little lungs out, Bennett - right in mom and dad's ears!!

I know a great place where you can practice stairs - - at our house on Valleystream! We have lots of stairs. What are you doing on Aug 24th? I'm going to be in town, and wonder if you would like a little "stair" date??

Hope you enjoyed your camping.

Love, Auntie Bonnie xxx - ooo
p.s. I was very touched by Kara's video too. How could your heart not melt when you see these great kids!

Kiera Beth said...

Bennett is doing so well! I am very impressed with the improving on the stairs. The glasses are great also!

I laughed so hard at the pig story that Drew asked me what was so funny. I then read it out loud to him and he laughed just as hard. We love a kid with a great sense of humor :)

Jessica said...

The famous (therapists hate it) bunny hop has appeared in your home to! Yay for B!!!! I say let 'em hop for a bit.... (Logen will still occasionally do this and I think it's funny when it's at therapy. You see all of his therapists run over to 'correct it'.) I'm proud of B anyway :)