Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sick and an Update

Bennett was wonderful enough to share his germs with me. Which would have been ok if it was just a cold. Unfortunately, my illness has morphed into a sinus infection and it feels like the front of my face is going to blow up. Frankly, it has been difficult to think straight - the result is neglecting the blog.

Anyway, I do have a small update on the Bennett front. We went for his hearing test on Wednesday. I didn't have any concerns but the speech therapist thought it was a good idea to rule out any problems. And besides, what the hell do I know - as I've said before, I had no idea he had cp either. Well, the good news is that he passed with flying colours. Our appointment was at 3 pm and we were getting back into our vehicle at 3:14.

We've ended occupational therapy for July and will not start speech again until the fall. I'm ok with the OT break but not real happy about the speech. Without a doubt, this is my biggest concern right now. I'll have a whole post dedicated to this soon. We'll continue with physio every second week. We're working on having him start to side sit and take weight on his right arm, crawling over obstacles and taking steps in his walker. I'll try to get some video to post soon. We definitely saw improvement in the walker at his appt. yesterday, but he's a long way from walking. His PT and I are anxious to get his AFO because it should make a big difference, but he hasn't even been casted yet. This is one of the frustrations of our health care system.

That's about it for now. I'll try to post something more thoughtful or amusing soon.


Dawn said...

Barbara - Great news on the hearing. Hopefully the speech will come! Sorry you got a full blown sinus infection. Not cool.

How hold is Bennett btw?

Barbara said...

Hey Dawn. The sinus infection is starting to clear up. Bennett is 18 months - time is going by too quickly!

Dawn said...

Thanks Barbara - I just like to compare how the other babes are doing compared to Aus at their age. Especially since they are both right hemi's I can really appreciate everything Bennett and you go through. It sure sounds like he is doing well for the most part. And for sure, time certainly goes by too quickly.

Glad that you are feeling better!

Kiera Beth said...

Barbara - I hope that you are feeling better. Sinus Infections are awful. I am thinking about you.

The is great that things looked good with Bennett at the hearing appointment.

I am excited to see the videos. That is wonderful that he is beginning to crawl over obstacles.

He is such a sweet little kid! Amazing how quickly the time goes

Bird said...

Can't wait for videos and pictures and all that good stuff. Charlie just got his AFO's--I'm not sure they're changing his standing, but they seem to be helping his sitting (how weird).

Good news about the hearing!