Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Busy Week

I apologize for being such a negligent blogger. It has been a busy week. It started with Bennett's physio, then him getting sick, followed by a very quick trip to the hospital (we left because it was too busy), a visit to his family doctor (who prescribed antibiotics for bronchitis) and a 5 day long camping trip - oh yeah - and a quick stop at a family reunion.

So we're home now and Bennett is feeling much better. For a while he sounded like an old man with his horrible cough and rough voice. I, however, am now sick. Regardless, we had a great camping trip - our first of the year. We travelled to Chutes Provincial Park - it's a nice little park and also happens to be the place where I used to work and hope to return to at some point.
Bennett enjoyed himself quite a bit - he slept well except for last night. Jim and I pushed him around the park in his stroller at 11pm and again at 1 am in a desperate attempt to calm him down. It was cool and we were tired but the stars were beautiful.

I've added a few pictures and a video of the falls - aren't they amazing? The water is really high this year and it makes for great viewing.

Oh yeah - HAPPY CANADA DAY! I'm not one to wear my patriotism on my sleeve but I feel very proud and privileged to live in such a beautiful country. I hope everyone one enjoys the day.


grandma & grandpa said...

Hi Bennett,
well, I think that we are all happy to be home after our camping excursion. However, I was reluctant to leave. Everything is so green and fresh and amazingly enough, the pink lady slippers were still blooming and delightful to look at! On Saturday, all of us drove back home to attend my family reunion. However, you were sick and stayed home with mummu and poppa. There were about 350 people there: uncles, aunts, cousins, more cousins and then even more cousins. Family only were allowed to attend because there was really no room for anyone else. A campground was rented for the weekend and was filled with campers, tents.... you name it.
Unfortunately, we were only able to stay for a few hours. We were told that we missed the best part of the reunion; the evening festivities ): .
You were a good little camper, in spite of feeling sick. YOu sure are a nosy little tyke. You and I had a really good afternoon nap on Friday. It seems that we often have naps together!!! LOL.
Lots of love, hugs and kisses.
Grandma and grandpa

Mummu and Poppa said...

Greetings to all and glad to hear that your 'first summer weekend get away' was enjoyable and a success.

Great pictures! At the Chutes a picture and video are certainly worth a thousand words. Breath taking!

Sorry to hear that Bennett 'passed around' his cold. It's no fun when babies are sick and it is worst when mommy is sick too. Good thing that daddy is there to push the stroller at 11:00 pm and 1:00 am. A 'parents' work is truly never done. The stars at night were your reward!

Hopefully everyone is on the mend.

Well Bennett, Mummu and Poppa will see you at our 'regular time' tomoorow and maybe we can do 'Mickey Ds' (your favourite) at Mummu's favourite store - Wal Mart!

Grandpa hardly looks proud in his picture with 'his boy'! Good job grandpa!

Love and prayers to all
Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo

Dawn said...

What beautiful scenery! Happy Canada Day (a day late) to you.

Sorry the sickies ran through your household though. That's too bad.

Bird said...

I plan on making my first visit to Canada at the end of this year! Can't wait to see your beautiful country.

Jessica said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!! Bennett, as always- is sooo adorable :)