Friday, March 19, 2010

Week in Review

Things that warmed my heart this week:

1. Watching Bennett lead Becky around her mother’s yard and having her help him throw rocks in the ditch. I’ve known Becky a long time – I used to babysit her and her brother and sister. Now she has three wonderful kids of her own.
2. Watching all of my neighbours grandkids come out and shout and wave to Bennett as we walked by – just like he was a long lost friend.
3. Listening to Bennett practice saying all of the previously mentioned kids names as he and Jim laid in bed.
4. Hearing Bennett ask for “Appo ooce” this morning.
5. Having two of Bennett’s daycare educators “threaten” to take him home with them because he’s just so adorable and so much fun to be around.

The one thing that broke my heart this week:

1. The woman (a complete stranger) who stopped me on the street yesterday afternoon while I was out for a walk with Bennett and enjoying a beautiful spring day. She proceeded to ask me three questions:

How old is your son?
What’s his name?
Is he autistic?

I'll try to focus on the first five things as I go to sleep tonight instead of trying to figure out when it’s EVER appropriate to stop a stranger and "diagnose" their child after 20 seconds.

As a bonus feature, check out the video of Bennett tonight after his bath. Is there anything cuter than a kid right out of the tub? Check out his exaggerated “shivers”.


grandma and grandpa said...

Lots of love, hugs and kisses
Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with every statement about his cuteness!

The problem with inquisitors who often come across as rude - they may have their own "social" issues. Ahem. Perhaps the woman has a diagnosis herself. Just saying.


Anonymous said...

I think I enjoyed throwing rocks with Bennett more than he did! He's a wonderful little guy Barb - I could've taken him home!

As for the lady, while I was walking the dogs I briefly talked to her about 15 mins before she approached you. If it's any condolence, her son has autism, and maybe she was looking for someone to talk to. I'm sure she could've approached you a little different though.

It was great seeing you guys! Love to all!


Bonnie said...

What a wonderful video. Those first five things you noted are the things that keep your heart going when people who ae wrapped up in their own agenda do not see the pain they cause others by their assuptions and judgements. I was interested in Becky's comment - about this lady's son having autism. Sometimes we struggle very hard to try to find someone who shares the same pain we do, and hope we will be able to make a connection in order to not suffer alone. My hope is that was her intent - and I can certainly appreciate how painful that was.

You have a video star in your midst and a graced and beautiful little boy who is sharing life with us all. To you who care for him daily and love him - I say a profound vote of thanks. My life is so much richer because of you all.

With gratitude & lvoe,
Auntie Bonnie

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