Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I should've known this:

would turn into this:
We're at an awkward stage right now it seems. Bennett will still nap - he'll nap for two hours. However, on nap days he won't go to sleep at night until after 10pm - which is a problem. He usually doesn't sleep well and then I have to wake him up for preschool which leads to a tired, cranky kid who needs a nap.

We started out trying to cut the naps to an hour. It helped for a while but he was still up late. Currently we're trying to get rid of the naps altogether. When he goes without a nap he's sound asleep by 8pm and sleeps like a champ.

This morning Bennett was up early and was a bit tired by this afternoon but I decided to go without a nap. Instead we did "quiet time" which involved sitting on the couch and watching the Wiggles. I got up to check my email and within about a minute he was sound asleep. I decided to let him sleep for half an hour. It then took half an hour to wake him up. Tonight he may be up late because of my desire to check my email which consisted mostly of messages that were entirely too concerned about the size and quality of my manhood.

Ahhh.....any advice out there - about the naps of course. My manhood is absolutely none of your business!


Kara said...

Kids are so different. If Kasia ever actually fell asleep on the couch I'd have a panic attack and rush her to the ER for a CT-scan to make sure she hadn't suffered any head trauma!

Good luck with getting rid of those naps. It sounds like Bennett REALLY REALLY likes them!

Anonymous said...

I'm betting your extended family have lots of wisdom to share on this subject. Ahem. Looks like you have the best success with keeping the nap short when you can't prevent it altogether.

You might try to find out how to keep those emails from ever reaching your inbox. Just saying.

Amy said...

This is the way it works in out house: I put Maddy down for a nap, listen to her giggle for 45 minutes then finally fall asleep....then I end up waking her up because I don't want her to sleep past 3:30. At bedtime (8:00) more giggling, sometimes for an hour! It's crossed my mind that maybe she should drop the nap (I love the idea of 'quiet time') but she's miserable by dinner if she doesn't get one.