Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Dog Ate My Homework

Seriously. I never thought I would have that as a legitimate excuse but now I do. Today I decided to shower and leave Murphy on his own - he has been so well behaved. I knew there was trouble when I turned off the shower and could hear him moving around. I came out and saw this in my living room.

And then I saw this face...

I wasn't too worried until I saw what it was. Murphy had just eaten the instructions for stretches put together by our physiotherapist. He could have eaten other stuff - you know, bills, my shoes, or Jim's shoes. But no - he had to eat the one thing that we really needed right now. Bennett's right leg has been really tight so Jim and I wanted to review the instructions. Now we can't, and now I have to ask for another copy - with all the hand drawn pictures - and our physiotherapist is on vacation. Great...just great. All I can say is Murphy is lucky that he's cute.


Anonymous said...

Lucky indeed!

(other) Barbara

Kiera Beth said...

LOL! I cannot believe that Bennett picked that specific sheet to eat. My office has a copier that scans sheets & turns them into PDFs. I have found that to be so helpful for those sheets. I scan them and then send them to Drew & I so that we have backups.

Whenever I forget to do that, I inventively end up losing the original sheet!

Good luck with getting it reprinted!

Anonymous said...

Hehe! You mean MURPHY, Kiera Beth! Too funny!

Great idea for back-up though.