Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Late Halloween

Ahoy there maties - or whatever it is that pirates say! This is so very late isn't it? But still worthwhile I think. Bennett is pretty much the cutest pirate to ever walk the plank. I truly believe Johnny Depp should be nervous.

Bennett had a great Halloween. He had two parties because he goes to two schools! On the actual evening he had a lot of fun knocking on doors. He was actually rehearsing before he left. He would walk up to a wall, knock on it and say "Trick or Treat, then candy, then thank you, bye, bye, next house". By the time it was all done, he was back at home and had even more fun handing out the candy. He kept looking out the window saying, "more kids, I hope so".

He is turning into a bit of a chatterbox (music to the ears)! I'm going to try to get some it on video soon.


Anonymous said...


Never too late for cute!

Bet you are doing a happy dance with all his chatter. Well, as much as you can dance...just saying. ;)


Barbara said...

Barbara: HA!!! You're right about the dancing - the happy dance in my head is spectacular - the reality - a girl with a funny limp!