Thursday, February 11, 2010


Before Christmas Bennett was assessed at the Botox clinic again. This time the doctor suggested three injections into the hamstrings of his right leg. I wasn't sold (I'm still not) but I decided to give it a try when the doctor told me that Botox would hopefully delay or prevent future orthopedic surgeries. This is a big deal - as someone who has had four orthopedic surgeries in three years, I know how hard it can be. It's painful and the recovery is long.

Bennett's appointment was this morning. I've been worried about it and was quite nervous. However, once again Bennett proved that he is a lot tougher than me. The entire process took less than five minutes. Bennett barely flinched and only got angry during the last injection. I think having four people holding him down on his belly was getting to him. He didn't shed a tear (and neither did I surprisingly) and was ready to give the doctor a high five on the way out. The doctor looked quite surprised because I think he expected Bennett to give him a high five - not me. Someone once said, "Either you're a high five kind a guy or you're not" - I guess I am....

Before we left Bennett was allowed to pick out a sticker and a toy. My big tough guy selected a Hanna Montana sticker and a package of four sparkly tiaras! Jim - a man who's obviously very comfortable with his own masculinity, carried Bennett through the waiting room with pride as his son clutched his new found treasures.

Once we got home we all had to take turns wearing the tiaras. Even Murphy got in on the fun. I have always wanted a tiara so I was very happy with Bennett's choice. So much so that I wore mine all afternoon. It does get in the way sometimes when bending over to do housework but other than that, I could get used to it.


Christine said...

Interesting. Is this for a contracture? Botox was mentioned by our PT-- but I haven't explored this option. Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie said...

I loved the tiara pictures. You are all princes and princesses in my book! Congratulations on surviving botox. Hope is helps.
Auntie Bonnie

Dawn said...

Glad the botox went well. The worst for us was always the sedation part. Sounds like Bennett didn't need to go that route. I hope it helps him out. Love the tiaras. Austin would pick out something like that too. :)

Anonymous said...

You mean tiara's aren't for everyone?

Good for Bennett! Good for you, too, Barbara - making the difficult choice! Let us know if you can see a difference in his gait.

I don't know my Canadian geography very well - how far are you from the games? Do they interest you at all? (that other) Barbara

Mummu and Poppa said...


Mummu is here.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and all 'the family' looks simply radiant in their tiaras.

Bennett, you are a man marching to the beat of your own drummer. Keep it up.

You liked the tiara - you got it - you wore it. Go after what you want and your dreams will follow you.

Even Murphy is a poseur. I'm surprised that he sat still long enough for Barbara to put on the tiara. What a handsome dog.

To the 'Extras' - we are certainly following the Olympics. Win or lose these athletes are all doing a fine job and deserve all the recognition and promotions that they can muster.

Big hugs and kisses to Bennett.

Love to all
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo

Kiera Beth said...

I agree with Dawn that the hardest part of botox for our Little Dude is the sedation. Did Bennett have to have any? Little Dude is going back in May and I would love to hear your experiences if you did not have any.

Let us know if you see a difference. We saw an immediate difference with Little Dude & were impressed with how long it has lasted. I was not sold initially when we did it, but we did see enough benefit to be willing to try it a second time.

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