Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's Going On?

A lot actually. I love blogging but just haven't had the time lately. It serves as a great outlet for me and a virtual baby book for Bennett. So, please bear with me as I play catch up.

First of all, we've been busy lately because after 2 years of looking for a new house, we have finally decided to build! The new house can't be started for a couple months because of winter but in the meantime things have been crazy around here as we get our house ready to sell. It's amazing how much stuff you realize you have when you try to organize it. We've also put off way too many jobs and now find ourselves up to our necks in drywall and paint! I don't really enjoy that kind of stuff too much to begin with but I'm really not liking it with a big deadline of one more week to finish.

I'll blog more about house stuff as it comes up but in the meantime, let's step back more than a month ago to Bennett's 3rd birthday party....Check out the short slideshow above. How I love making those things!!


Kiera Beth said...

Congrats on the decision to build a house! Sounds like a like a fun new experience!

I understand the being too busy to blog! I look forward to hearing about all of the new adventures!

Bennett looked great in the video! I love seeing how much fun he had at his party! Wow! 3 years old already! I remember when we all "met" and he was still just a little guy! It is so cliche, but it does go by so fast!

I think of you guys often & am so glad to hear all is going well.

Good luck with your projects!

Anonymous said...

Is there any other reason to blog?

You are very good at putting together those slide shows! I agree with Kiera - he looks so mature with each birthday....growing fast. As it should be, eh?

Wishing you all the best on building the house - a monumental task, really. Barbara